Long Lake

Long Lake (easy, out-and-back, map, track).  Length: 2.5 miles.  Elevation gain: 450 ft.

This is a very easy hike that leads to a very nice lake.  From Royal Gorge, follow Kidd Lake Road until Kidd Lake, then continue towards Palisade Lakes.  This is a dirt road that should be feasible also with normal cars; high-clearance cars will have an easier time.  Unless you have a truly high clearance (above 10 inches) vehicle, you might find it best to park at the Devil’s Overlook Hut of the Royal Gorge cross-country skiing trail system.

From the parking lot, descend steeply for about 100 feet, then continue South towards Palisade Lakes.  After 1/3 of a mile, you will walk along the dam separating Upper from Lower Palisade Lakes.  Continue, keeping on the left at the fork with Palisades Trail.  You will soon reach Long Lake.

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