Mountain Bike Rides

Here are some of our favorite mountain bike rides.  Rides labeled easy and medium are suitable for families with kids; rides labeled difficult are suitable for adult mountain bikers in average shape.

  • HW 89 to Boca Reservoir (medium, out-and-back, dirt road, maptrack).  One-way length: 5.6 miles.  One-way elevation gain: 218 ft, loss: 528 ft.  Total elevation gain: 746 ft.
  • Cold Stream Valley (medium, semi-loop, dirt road, maptrack).  Total length: 8.1 miles; total elevation gain: 470 ft.
  • Emigrant Trail to Stampede Reservoir (medium, out-and-back, single-trail, maptrack).  One-way length: 4.3 miles.  One-way elevation gain: 408 ft, loss: 460 ft.  Total elevation gain: 868 ft.
  • Alder Creek to Hobart Mills (medium, one-way, dirt road, maptrack).  This track requires two cars, as the starting and ending points do not coincide.  Length: 6.6 miles.  Elevation gain: 349 ft, loss: 820 ft.
  • Hawks Peak Route 1 (difficult, semi-loop, single-trail, maptrack).  Total length: 6.1 miles.  Total elevation gain: 1,080 ft.
  • Royal Gorge to Long Lake (easy, out-and-back, map, track). Total length: 9 miles.  Total elevation gain: 900 ft.
  • Lake Van Norden Loop (very easy, loop, map, track).  Total length: 4 miles. Total elevation gain: 250 ft.
  • Prosser Hill Loop (medium, loop, map, track).  Total length: 10.5 miles. Total elevation gain: 950 ft.
  • Sagehen Creek (medium, loop, map, track).  Total length: 7.5 miles. Total elevation gain: 650 ft.
  • Boca Loop (easy but long, semiloop, map, track). Total length: 14.6 miles. Total elevation gain: 1140 ft.