Royal Gorge to Long Lake

Royal Gorge to Long Lake (easy, out-and-back, map, track). Total length: 9 miles.  Total elevation gain: 900 ft.

The ride starts from a parking lot that is opposite the Royal Gorge Cross-Country Ski Station, on Kidd Lake Road.  Follow Kidd Lake Road till Kidd Lake, ride past Kidd Lake along the dam, and continue on the main road until you reach a warming hut of the Royal Gorge cross-country sky trail system.  Continue down, and pass on the dam between the lower and upper Cascade Lakes.  You may have to walk your bike!

Once on the South side of Cascade Lakes, follow a path to Long Lake, keeping generally right.  This is a pleasant single-track trail, but there are several sections where you might want to walk your bike.  It will not be long before you reach the extremely picturesque Long Lake.

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