Boca Loop

Boca Loop (easy but long, semiloop, map, track). Total length: 14.6 miles. Total elevation gain: 1140 ft.

This is a nice somewhat long semi-loop (a loop, really) in the plateau between Boca, Prosser, and Stampede reservoirs.  The ride follows mostly dirt roads, with some single track in the stretch from Hobart Mills Road back to Old Reno Road.  There are no steep inclines.  In early spring, the ground can be very soft, making for a tiring ride.

The one word of caution is that it is very easy to get lost in these woods, punctuated by small hills randomly distributed, and without obvious reference points.  Bring map and compass, or as I do, two GPS units (one spare in case the other one malfunctions).  Do not trust a phone GPS, the battery may die!

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