Maggie Peak

Maggie Peak (moderate, out-and-back, maptrack).  One-way length: 2.35 miles.  Elevation gain: 2,000 ft.

This is a beautiful hike to one of the peaks with the most expansive views of South Lake Tahoe.  In spite of the elevation gain of 2,000 ft, the hike is easy, as the path is well-maintained and well-graded.

The trailhead for Maggie Peak is at the end of BayView Campground, just South of Emerald Bay.  Drive in the access road, and follow it until the end.  You will need to register for the hike; there are registration forms at the information panels at the trailhead.

Follow the well-marked trail to Desolation Wilderness and Velma Lake.  You will pass by  Granite Lake, which you can choose to explore with a small detour.  Continue following the trail for Velma Lakes, until you are directly North of Maggie Peak.  Leave the trail, and proceed directly up, until you reach the summit.  Enjoy the gorgeous view!

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